Eco Credentials

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

We care very much about the environment and are fully aware most home delivery food has a shockingly poor environmental impact. We want to do things differently, even if it does cost us more.

Goodness To You offers:

  • Biodegradable PLA and cornstarch food grade packaging
  • Cardboard boxes for delivery (you can reuse or recycle)
  • Paper thermal liners to keep your food cool (you can reuse or recycle)
  • Supplied by eco certified retreat centre

We know that PLA (plant based plastics) do not biodegrade well in landfill. Therefore you can leave them out for us each week and we will take them back to our commercial composting facility at Billabong Retreat for shredding and bio-degrading.

We would like to move towards completely reusable stainless steel containers in the future and avoid anything single use.

We ask our customers to leave a cool box outside if they are not going to be home. If you forget we leave your product in an insulated cardboard box with thermal liners and an ice pack (plastic unfortunately!). Please return these for recycling.