When do you deliver?
We currently deliver on Monday and send you a text when the van departs with an ETA.

How do you keep it cool?
All our products are transported in a freezer van and come in cardboard thermosealed packaging and so it doesn't matter if you are not home when we deliver.

Is it safe during Covid-19?
Yes. Covid-19 has not been shown to be transmitted by food but we take many precautions anyway. Read about our kitchen hygiene and contactless delivery by clicking here.

Where do you deliver and how much?
We currently deliver to Sydney's Norwest, Northern Beaches and North Shore Sydney - view areas here.  Delivery is $15. We will be adding other areas over the coming weeks.

How Do I Skip A Week
You can logon to your account to skip a week or contact us. This has to be done before 12pm Wednesday

How do I cancel?
You can cancel at anytime by logging into your account or emailing us 

What happens if I don't make any choices?
If you don't have time to logon and select your meals then don't worry, we will send you the same combination of meals the following week. ie if you ordered 5 x vegetarian meals or 2 x chicken, 1 x beef and 1 x vegetarian meals one week then that's what you'll get the following week

How are the meals delivered?
The meals come frozen. Simply pop them in the freezer until required. Defrost for 12 hrs in the fridge before use. Transfer to a saucepan and heat up for 5-10 minutes. Combine with salad, rice or pasta to serve.

How is your packaging eco friendly?
We have decided to avoid plastic by using PLA which is a plant based material that looks like plastic but can easily biodegrade in a commercial composting facility so please return these items to us so we can arrange this. Our meals are transported in cardboard boxes and cardboard and wool thermal liners - no polystyrene for us!

In the future we would like to move to reusable stainless steel containers